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Established in 2012

Who Are We?

SEA LINE SEAFOOD TRADING LLC is worldwide seafood superiority with impressive growth and economic sustainability and creativity. Our headquarters are in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Our portfolio of products does include household favorites that aim to bring healthful and flavorful seafood to tables with industry standard and reasonable prices all around the globe. 

We SEA LINE SEAFOOD TRADING LLC are dealing all kinds of seafood Fresh Fish, Frozen Fish, Live Fish, Dry Fish, Salted Jelly Fish we are supplying larger quantity seafood locally to fish shops Restaurants Hotels and Supermarkets we are importing seafood from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh and many more countries and exporting to European Countries, America, China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam etc.

A Few Words About Us


SEA LINE SEAFOOD TRADING LLC , which was established in 2012, has a rich legacy of devotion to seafood expertise and innovation. With our humble background as a small-town seafood processor, importer, and supplier, we have grown our enterprise by providing excellent customer service and quality products. We now have a worldwide business and a portfolio of consumer-favorite products. 

Sustainable development and innovative thinking are our keys to global expansion. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to “improve people’s lives by providing them with delicious, nutritious, and fair seafood products at a reasonable price”. Hence, we are offering multi-languages (Arabic, English, Urdu, Chinese, Malayalam, French, Filipino, Bengali, and many more) on our app so that every human being can benefit from our services. 

We are establishing industry standards while building goodwill as a trustworthy, dependable seafood supplier for every human being. Cultivating strong relations is the foundation on which we work, not just with our employees but also with our consumers and suppliers. 

Our Mission

Being an inspirational leader in the seafood sector, our mission is to create a significant and real change in the lives of our consumers. And to sustain our dominance in the food-service business via continuous advancement of our offerings, services, infrastructure, and overall operational quality.
We carry our mission into practice by keeping solid, dependable, and mutual connections with our clients and offering them high-quality, transparent, and healthy fishery products.

Our Passion

“Healthy and Wellbeing Living, Healthy and Wellbeing Environments”
is our philosophy. With a priority on a healthy lifestyle throughout our firm’s portfolio, we will boost development and sustainability while expanding into new, appealing sectors. We will continue to set the industry standard for sustainability while also recruiting and keeping talent.

We Aim for Excellence In All We Do!

We believe our organization must commit to long-term and socially responsible activities. This approach guarantees that we are decent caretakers of nature and the environment. We attempt to do this by only supplying fresh and frozen seafood products that have been fished sustainably and have been handled, packed, refrigerated, and transported with the greatest care and under completely sanitary circumstances. For that purpose, we only work with trustworthy companies in the fishing sector from all over the globe.

Who We Serve?

Catering Companies
Super Mart

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